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When the flood waters subside and the water is gone, many homeowners think the war is over, but many times the battle has just begun. Mold is the silent threat that grows where you can’t see and places that normal cleaning just can’t reach. To protect your family and your home from the scourge of black mold, trust the mold remediation experts at Lipscomb Restoration Solutions. Our mold remediation professionals have decades of experience battling mold spores both where you can see them, and where you can’t. We use a combination of safe and effective chemical solutions, behind-the-walls cleaning techniques, powerful air blowers, and good old fashioned elbow grease to get the job done right. 


It might not make sense at first, but every homeowner needs to know: never, ever use bleach to fight household mold spores. 

Believe it or not, bleach doesn’t kill mold, and can even make mold grow faster! Bleach is made up of about 90% water, one of the main culprits for mold growth. The bleach penetrates into porous materials, weakens them, and allows the mold spores to go even further inside. What’s worse, bleach removes the color from black mold, making it invisible to the naked eye and therefore harder to fight. Finally, while bleach might kill just a few spores on the surface, the roots or hyphae as they’re known continue to grow under the surface, becoming stronger and deeper and more capable of doing permanent damage. 

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No one knows better than we do that you know what’s best for your home, and that no one can get it cleaner than you can. But when it comes to catastrophes and traumatic events like floods, fires where hoses were used, crime scenes and biohazards like hoarding, animal carcass, or other left-behind nastiness. 

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